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Our Dog Lucky’s Holiday Plans

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luckywithcastEvery year, my husband, David, and I attend the annual Thanksgiving Day Party at Native Foods Restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. Thanksgiving is hell for turkeys, as we at PETA say, but at Native Foods, the all-you-can-eat vegan buffet is 100 percent cruelty-free, and we look forward to it every year.

Unfortunately, this year we suffered a minor family tragedy and missed the party.

Two weeks before the big event, our dog Lucky developed a cancerous tumor on his leg. We had it removed immediately, and he is all stitched up and recovering from the surgery. Recovery means that Lucky needs our constant supervision to ensure that there is no running, no playing, and no stairs. Since Lucky comes upstairs with us every night to sleep, David spent the last few weeks on our futon pillow on the floor downstairs in the living room, sleeping with Lucky so that he wouldn’t be lonely.

Needless to say, of course, we changed our Thanksgiving plans and stayed home with Lucky and our other animal companions for a quiet and relaxing day at home.

We missed seeing Tanya behind the counter, serving up her famous Wellington, her main course of the day. We also missed the rest of her fabulous menu, a bounty of delicious vegan side dishes and desserts. And lastly, we missed the party, because Thanksgiving Day at Native Foods is one big party with organic wine flowing, food everywhere, and people milling around visiting those they know and those they don’t.

What we aren’t missing, though, is our dog Lucky, because he came through the surgery just fine. Even though he is still healing, he is still with us and recovering beautifully. And that’s what made this Thanksgiving extra special for us. We were all together, our little family, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

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  • Alek says:

    I’m glad that Lucky is getting better and that your entire family got to share in the Thanksgiving experience.

  • Laura Frisk says:

    Hi Everyone,

    So glad you enjoyed my blog! Our big boy Lucky is recovering and doing great. He still has to keep quiet, but is looking forward to getting out and running around our big yard again, trying to catch those silly crows that tease him daily! (he never does, don’t worry!)

    Patrick, how exciting that you are moving to Arcata! Here are some great restaurants that offer lots of vegan options: The Wildflower Cafe (my personal favorite), Japhes (named after their dog), Daybreak Cafe, Rita’s Mexican Cafe (they offer vegan Mexican food), The Pizza Deli, Los Bagels, and the Vegetarian Sushi Agogo Mobile. Also, the deli at Wildberries Market makes a terrific grilled tofu sandwich. I think most of the restaurants in town offer at least one vegan option. Have fun! And hug a redwood for me!

  • Patrick says:

    Hi Laura, I like your articles. I’m vegan and moving up to Arcata next month, can you give me the names of some good vegan/vegetarian restaurants? I’ve been to the co-op and they’ve got a bunch of veg-friendly foods, but I haven’t had that much time to explore up there. feel free to email me!

  • Phyllis says:

    Lucky – IS.

  • Nini Sanchez says:

    Right on!!!! Your family is complete!!!

  • Gail says:

    How wonderful of you to be so considerate of Lucky! It’s great that even though you missed the party, you’re not mainly disappointed or resentful, but instead you realize how “Lucky” you are to have your dog! How kind to sleep on the floor with him so he wouldn’t be lonely. You are truly the best animal parents. I appreciate people like you. I have three cats and hate even leaving home for long because I miss them and worry about them. I loved your story. It should remind people of the real meaning of Thanksgiving–not just socializing and great food, but being together with your family and giving thanks for what you have. Thanks for the great story!

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