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Stop Menopause Symptoms With Horse Urine?

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horseHorse Urine? Blecch!

If someone asked you to swallow horse urine, would you do it? Millions of women worldwide swallow horse urine every single day. Surprised? Well check your medicine cabinet: If you take the estrogen-replacement therapy (ERT) drugs Premarin or Prempro, you’re gulping down urine too. That’s because the “secret ingredient” in Premarin and Prempro is pregnant mares’ urine (PMU).

Every year, thousands of pregnant mares are confined to PMU farms in the U.S. and Canada, kept in stalls too small to take more than a step or two in any direction. The cumbersome rubber urine-collection bags that mares must wear at all times chafe their legs and prevent them from lying down comfortably. Mares are given limited access to drinking water so that their urine will yield more concentrated estrogens. And although horses need daily exercise, some mares are not let out of their small stalls for six months. Some farm managers tie up horses so tightly that they cannot lie down at all in their narrow stalls.

The thousands of foals who are born on PMU farms each year fare no better than their mothers. Some are used to replace exhausted mares, many of whom have been confined to PMU farms for up to 20 years. But most of the remaining foals, along with the worn-out mares, are sold at auction, where they are bought by “kill buyers” for slaughterhouses.

An Arizona newspaper recently reported on a couple who rescues PMU mares and foals. The couple notes that the horses are often fearful and unsocialized because of abusive treatment and/or neglect on PMU farms. The couple also notes-chillingly-that the drugs’ maker, Wyeth, actually forbids farm owners to give or sell PMU horses to rescue groups for fear of the bad publicity that results when rescue groups talk to the media about the horses’ plight.

Premarin and Prempro don’t just hurt horses. After Wyeth fought tooth and nail to ensure that only Premarin and Prempro were used in the massive Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, their machinations backfired in a big way when the study was called off prematurely because of the discovery that the drugs were linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer. They also found that most of the drugs’ supposed benefits-including improved mental and physical well-being, better sleep, and increased energy and memory function-were nonexistent.

After the WHI findings were publicized, the use of Premarin and Prempro fortunately plummeted, but some doctors continue to prescribe the drugs out of habit-and some women continue to take them for the same reason. But a growing number of physicians are suggesting alternative therapies to manage menopause symptoms, including ERT drugs made from plant sources or synthetics, such as Estrace, Estraderm, and Ogen, which more closely mimic the estrogens found in the human ovary. Some women report successfully combating hot flashes by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercising, limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and eating a low-fat diet. What have been your experiences dealing with the symptoms of menopause?

I’m willing to bet that most women, if they knew the truth about Premarin, would find it a bitter pill to swallow.

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  • Linda Rose says:

    Just found out that horses are suffering for a hormone pill that I was prescribed. My female physician told me after I told her my OBGYN prescribed it.She explained that she protested against this drug when she was in,Medical school and refuses to use it.
    I read the article on how and was in tears.How could we be allowing this cruelty to animals, and Especially when there is synthetic alternatives.
    God pray for all those horses.Please where and how can I help take a stand against this.By NOT EVER taking these pills is NOT enough.We MUST find a way to fight for those babies.

  • Lynne Forgette says:

    Set the horses free. Stop abusing them.

  • Roberta A. Charest says:

    I stopped using this crap as soon as I found this out years ago and I tell everyone I meet. We need to continuously spread the word and either get this company to change their cruel ways of go bankrupt! I make sure nothing I buy says Pfizer on it!

  • Becky Fenson says:

    Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for talking to your doctor about the cruelty of Premarin, and for all you do to help animals! -PETA Prime

  • Barbara Hughes says:

    I already new about the horrors of Premarin before my gynecological exam. My doctor recommended Premarin for treatment of thinning tissue (yes, I’m postmenopausal). I was really surprised that was her first and only recommendation. When asked for an alternative she prescribed Estrace. Found out at my pharmacy it was not made from horse urine so that was great. I gave my doctor a detailed education on where Premarin comes from. I’m not sure I changed her mind, but I hope so.

  • […] identical to horses (duh) but research has shown mares used for these drugs, and their foals, are not always treated well. These days we know more about hormonal supplementation and our […]

  • jane says:

    Cindy, do you really believe women need to depend on horse urine to be healthy? I’m sure there are many natural sources for estrogen, such as in foods. Women have been post estrogen since the beginning of time, and I don’t think they were taking horse urine.

    If your grandmother’s life was dependent upon horse urine, then that is sad.

    Drug companies are about the money, and you and your family are their life long customers.

  • Cindy says:

    I had a hysterectomy at a young age, surgical menopause was brutal, absolutely excruciating. had to take high doses of premarin for a year and started cutting them down. after a couple of years I discovered estrace and switched. I find it just as effective. It is a lie that estrogen does not help with memory function, general physical and mental well being,etc. If my Dr. refuses to prescribe estrace, I will find another Dr. who will. My mother and grandmother were on estrogen long term and when they stopped taking them, their cognitive functions decreased rapidly and they aged almost overnight. my grandmother only lasted a year after ceasing the estrogen supplement. my mom has been on estrogen for 40 years and after the Dr. made her stop she almost lost her mind. I made the Dr. represcribe and withing a week she improved.I did not know how the horses were treated, I think that is a sin.

  • Jann says:

    Sylvia: I don’t know what farms you visited but you must have had horse blinders on!! These poor mares ARE abused, used and then when they can’t give anymore they and their foals are slaughtered!!! I don’t know how in God’s name you can say they are well cared for and all the rest of the lies that came across your lips!!! The animals suffer mercilessly and their foals sent to slaughter. Premarine is a horrible dangerous drug for both mares and women. If more women knew what this drug contained they would gag and stop taking it. STAND UP and say NO to Pfizer (Wyeth parent company). No more premarin!! PREgnant MARes urINe=PREMARIN!!!! No more abuse of mares, foals and women. There are lots of alternatives to this horrible drug. Tell Ian Read CEO of Pfizer, who makes $19 million in salary, to stop abusing women and horse mares and their foals. No to premarin!!! Women begin to speak up for yourself and the horses. Tell your dr. no!!!

  • DIANA says:

    I was given Premarin & EEMT by my OBGYN & stopped using after finding out the side effects & how mares are being made pregnant over & over again. I was extremely shocked & saddened to have learned this. I want to ask all women using this product to PLEASE STOP!!!

    I’m thinking about starting Estrace vaginal cream for my dryness & Sage for hot flashes & varies vitamins for my heart & bones. Does anyone know how Estrace is made, what’s in it & if animals are involved….

  • Yuck!

    Sorry, but whether they’re in good or bad conditions… eating horse urine???

    just, just… yuck

  • Sheri says:

    Which of these posts are tell the truth? Are these animals kept in stalls 24/7 or not?

  • Sylvia says:

    How can the mares be exhausted? They spend the cold winter inside a warm barn and when spring comes, they are turned out to green pastures where they eat, sleep, foal and live a good life!
    They are fed well in the barns – the people who care for them do not have a 9-5 job. They are in the barns more hours than most people could handle. If a horse is sick, they know how to care for it and they DO!!!

  • Sylvia says:

    I have visited two PMU barns in my province. The people that own and manage the farms love horses. They know more about horses than you could understand unless you actually knew a horse. In both cases they are third generation farmers who grow crops to feed their animals, do a fine job of caring for ALL the animals on the farm and also take very good care of their families.

    The horses are NOT mistreated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They spend 4 months of the year in the barn where they are cared for very well. They do not suffer!
    They are let out for exercise regularily. When it is 30 below zero perhaps they would rather be in the barn. By March their time in the barn is over till October. They are put out in a pasture covered in green grass and left to enjoy the eight months of freedom till they are back in the barn during the cold weather.
    PETA should care for people who suffer much worse than this all around us!!

    It is cruel to keep animals in the city. They were not meant to spend their time inside stuffy buildings. Their instincts are to hunt, but we keep them inside hot buildings with nowhere to go!!

  • Tawnya says:

    I have a very bad taste in my mouth ,so to speak, when it comes to the PMU factories. The horses are very poorly managed, and made to stand in a stall that is no bigger that a 4×8 piece of plywood, dirty floors, and forced to become pregnant just so this company can make a dollar. They are not cleaned, or brushed, or socialized. They are only allowed to go out of the stall to foal. Then the foals are taken away, and they are re bread. What happens to the babies. Most are sold to slaughterhouses that are still in operation in Canada and Mexico. Some, the fillies are put on the line and bread as soon as possible. What kind of life is this for such a beautiful, graceful, animal. Why hasn’t this been stopped already.

  • Julie van Niekerk says:

    Thanks very much for this info. I have never used anything for my menopause and mother nature took me through this all. Believe me, no side affects or mood swings at all.

  • Wishaven Animal Rehabilitation says:

    How unfortunate that Wyeth makes several veterinary drugs! I hope that they get an “earful” from tons of us!!! They will certainly hear from ME!
    I think it’s time that their cruel, greed-based practices are exposed to the population at large, and specifically to many medical professionals who are unaware that they are participating in acts of cruelty by supporting Wyeth’s products!

  • Subhroneel Ganguly says:

    I am not a woman but I feel glad and relieved to read these comments about rejecting the Medicine containing HORSE URINE, because the time came to deliver a message to the manufacturer that either you stop Animal abuse otherwise all women should boycott your products, I am not saying women should suffer, because if it is the question of urine it could be achieved in a more generous way, so stop abusing and torturing HORSES.

  • Helen says:

    my mother got breast cancer
    i was fortunate and heard about it through peta and quit immediately

  • I use the Vivelle patch which is small doses of estradiol, commercially made. The compounding pharmacies also make various kinds of estriols, which are the weakest forms of estrogen. Estrace is a kind of estradiol, also commercially made. None of these use mare urine. Check with any pharmacist, but especially the compounding pharmacies who make their own meds. There are many excellent books on the pros and cons of using any form of estrogen. I lost my uterus to cancer, but since I have no markers for estrogen (causing the cancer) I decided to use the Vivelle patch. I feel better knowing I have some estrogen in me.

  • Tucker says:

    THIS JUST IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!!!!!!

    IT IS JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FIGURE OUT ANOTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonque says:

    Thanks for the info. I did not know what was in Premarin. Thank goodness I’m not to that point in life but when I am I won’t be using that. As a nurse I try advising my pts. to use alternative ways.

  • Laura says:

    Hi Alisa,

    I have been using plant-based hormone therapy for years. (Premarin was exposed to the press before I needed any hormones, so I knew I wasn’t going in that direction!) I also follow a vegan diet, exercise 4 days a week, don’t smoke, and gave up drinking wine. I did experience hot flashes, but they weren’t extreme, and I credit my diet and the plant-based hormones for that.

    I must say, if Premarin was the only drug available, I still wouldn’t take it. I don’t believe in inflicting pain and suffering on another living being just to relieve my own. These days there are many options for women going through menopause. By refusing to buy Premarin you are voting with your pocketbook to end the cruelty to horses.

    Thanks for the informative post, Alisa!

  • Nancy Distler says:

    This method of obtaining hormones just should not be happening to mares or their fouls. Such abuse and cruelty should not be allowed. It would be a good thing for humans and horses if obtaining hormones in such a barbaric and totally offensive way were banned. I think the manufacturers should have to disclose EXACTLY HOW they get the hormones in large print right on the label and then I am sure that women would immediately STOP using the product. Knowledge is power !!!!!! but consumers are kept in the dark. Disgusting !!!

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