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My ‘TRY TOFU’ License Plate

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trytofu-cropThe PETA Web site has a wealth of information and ideas on how to help animals. I love reading about the publicity stunts, the demonstrations, and the activist tips. One such tip motivated me to do my part to advertise my vegan lifestyle: I bought a personalized license plate for my car. I live in Southern California, where the personalized plate first got its start and where probably more cars than not have a license plate that advocates one thing or another, depending on the driver. It is the perfect way to let others know that I am vegan. The license plate I chose was “TRY TOFU.”

My plate always causes some kind of reaction. People honk and wave at me on the freeway. People take pictures of my plate. They stop and talk to me in parking lots to tell me that they have tried tofu and they like it. And people ask me for recipes. It’s a wonderful conversation opener to discuss the benefits of a vegan diet.

By the way, the activist tip that changed my car from plain to personalized was from a PETA employee. She legally changed her name to GoVeg.com. Every time she pulls out her driver’s license, gives her name to someone on the phone, writes a check, or otherwise needs to identify herself, she is promoting her vegan lifestyle choice, her choice to voice her opinion of the rampant animal abuse that is so prevalent on today’s factory farms and in slaughterhouses.

GoVeg.com inspired me to do my little part to advertise my vegan diet. Share your personal animal rights advertising ideas and campaigns! There’s nothing like one good idea to spark another!

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  • Meghan says:

    Funny that I came across this. I see you driving around Encinitas all the time!

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    Great car License plate! And I love the PETA Dog winning 2nd Place! Yeah! Especially in Eastern WA Kerry!
    I carry my black PETA bag wherever I go…with the big letters PETA on one side, nobody can miss it. At basketball games, at the theatre and even when I go to the Opera! I also always wear the PETA pin.
    I better remember to tell my kids that I want all and I mean ALL the PETA stickers on my coffin!

  • France says:

    I always have my Peta signature at the bottom of an e-mail (except when it’s for a job, in case there would be an animal abuser or an anti-animal rights in the recruiting team).

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

  • kerry says:

    I think that is the coolest idea i have heard in a long time. I cannot even imagine the reaction if you drove around Eastern Washington with a try tofu license plate. I had an opportunity to spread the Peta message at our local annual Pet Day at the Park. They had a dog costume contest and I took my dog Sammy as the PETA dog. She loves any kind of action and attention, so i dressed her up in a PETA Tshirt with PETA stickers all over it. When we went up on the stage I said over the microphone that she was a PETA dog and she had messages for everyone. then i read her stickers such as “pigs are friends, not food”, “I’m an elefriend, I dont go to the circus.” I bet i read 20 stickers before they called the next contestant. The park was full of other events such as a koi festival and the PETA messages boomed throughout the park, heard by hundreds of people The other dogs had fancy custom costumes, but the judges must have been PETA fans because Sammy the PETA dog came in 2nd place and won a big prize.

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