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I Scream for Vegan Ice Cream!

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Ice CreamI have always loved ice cream, and going vegan didn’t cramp my style one bit. There is an abundance of delicious soy and rice-based frozen desserts on the market now. I love them all. I bring home new brands and flavors every week, and I fill my freezer so that I never run out, since I have a big bowl after dinner every night. Really!

My new favorite, Soy Creamy nondairy frozen dessert, is found at Trader Joe’s, marketed under the Trader Joe’s label. It’s awesome. Everyone I know who tries it, including the Trader Joe’s staff, raves about Soy Creamy. Two of the flavors especially stand out, and they are so delish that I had to tell you about them.

The cherry chocolate chip flavor starts with a yummy cherry base, not vanilla. It is so full of big pieces of cherries and chunks (not chips) of chocolate that you will feel like you are eating frozen chocolate-covered cherries. They definitely did not scrimp on this one-you practically have to chew this bowl of “nice” cream.

All you baby boomers will remember Creamsicles, those orange and vanilla bars that you devoured as a kid. The mango vanilla flavor is the adult version, a gourmet “Creamsicle” in a bowl, with the mango and vanilla swirled together into sweet and creamy scoops of heaven. There aren’t any delicate orange flavors going on here: This one is saturated with luscious mango, and the vanilla only slightly softens the blend.

Yummy Soy Cream

There is really no reason to eat artery-clogging, dairy-laden ice cream. These soy-based frozen desserts are so sweet, rich, and creamy that no one will know that they are vegan. The next time that you are in your local Trader Joe’s, fill up your PETA Logo Eco Grocery Bag with a quart (or two or three!) of Soy Creamy frozen desserts. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, just fill that bag with your favorite soy and rice-based frozen desserts from your local grocery store, which should definitely have a few choices. They are good for your taste buds and great for your health, and the best part is that you won’t be supporting the cruel dairy industry.

What’s your favorite vegan ice cream? Come on-share with the group!

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  • Spreadtheword says:

    I find it hard to consider this VEGAN ice cream if it is owned by FOSTER FARMS. Trader’s Joe Soy ice cream should remove its “Vegan” label — sure its diary free, but it is produced by Crystal Creamery, which is owned by Foster Farms. If many vegans eat for animal rights and welfare, it would certainly not help the cause to buy this ice cream.

  • Marilyn says:

    When are you going to get plain vamilla soy milk ice cream again. I like the cherry choc chip but have been waiting for about 6 months to find the vanilla available again

  • nancy says:

    There are many unethical traditions. It’s no excuse. Cow’s milk is meant for baby cows. There is nothing natural about a human drinking the milk from another species that was meant for that animal’s baby. Also, cows have four stomachs. Cow’s milk is difficult for humans to digest with our one stomach. It’s also the most mucous forming food for humans that exists. Also, if you were nursing your baby, would you want to be forced to keep producing milk because someone else wanted to have milk after your baby was done?

  • Marilyn says:

    TJs Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip is delicious but when are you going to stock just plain vanilla flavor. I miss being able to get it anywhere.

  • Crystal says:

    My favorite is Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip. It is amazing! I have been an ice cream lover since childhood, and since becoming Vegan, it has been a real struggle to give up on my favorite treat. This alternative, however, is so sweet, creamy, and delicious that I don’t miss anything about regular ice cream! The big chunks of real cherry are also a refreshing change.

  • Harkant says:

    I agree with Ganesh that cow’s milk has been used for a long time in the Indian culture. For a variety of reasons, cows are also considered sacred. Most ayurvedic textbooks, however, specify that milk should be consumed only from well fed and treated cows, and only after her calf has drank its fill.

    Any breastfeeding mother can tell you that milk production is dynamic, and can change based on her diet and overall wellbeing. Modern day factory farmed cow’s milk comes from highly stressed cows fed a diet of not grass, but grain. The milk then goes through processing (pasteurization and homogenization) which can also affect its quality.

    You express an ideal of cow’s milk that used to be seen quite frequently in India (especially rural India). But India also is no exception to factory style farming. On a side note, since the water buffalo produces more milk per animal, buffalo milk has replaced cow’s milk as the most commonly available milk source in urban areas….

  • jordan says:

    hi, ganesh.
    i understand the point you’re making about cow’s milk. i don’t believe that the use of cow’s milk is an inherent evil (though some other vegans object on principle), but i cannot support the dairy industry in the united states because of the cruel way animals are treated. if i could be sure dairy cows were happy and always well cared for as they are in your culture, i would use their milk without guilt. but industrialized farming does not allow for love or even adequate veterinary attention. the cows suffer and are never appreciated for what they give. so it is not the use of milk, but the mistreatment of the animals who provide it that i consider wrong. i hope this helps to answer your question.

  • Jennifer says:


    First of all only babies were intended to consume milk to grow. Milk is high in fat and there are many other forms of calcium, such as dark leafy green vegetables.
    Cow’s are not treated as part of the family here in America. You should try looking up Factory Farming or maybe visit a local dairy farm. These mother cows have their babies taken from them at birth and the males are sent to slaughter and the females will end up like their mothers.
    A life of endless milking by a machine as their udders bleed into the milk supply. So, yes you SHOULD AVOID MILK AND ALL DAIRY!
    Hopefully this will open your eyes and make you a better volunteer and a better voice against animal cruelty.

  • Ganesh says:

    I am a vegetarian and an active Blue Cross Society (an Animal Lovers group, Society for prevention of cruelty to Animals) volunteer. Somehow I fail to understand these discussions about being Vegan and avoiding Cow’s Milk. In our traditon Cow’s Milk is considered sacred and we use it regularly. Also the COw is treated as part of the family and provided a healthy and loving atmosphere. I have seen families mourning the demise (natural death) of these animals.
    Considering that I would like to mention that it is not needed to avoid Cow’s Milk. In fact, it is the only animal that gives milk that is very close in composition to that of human milk.

  • Pam says:

    I love Purely Decadent by Turtle Mountain. I live in an anti-vegetarian area so supermarkets don’t stock many of TM’s flavors. Now that Trader Joe’s has come to town (with their unbeatable prices) I buy theirs. And, I always bring my PETA shopping bags with me!

  • Bob says:

    We used to get a delicious creamy vegan ice cream called Mocha Mix. It had van, straw and choc and we got it at a Fred Meyers. Suddenly they just couldn’t get it anymore. Unfortunately Spokane, WA lacks both Trader and Whole Foods stores. Anyone familiar with this brand?

  • Alek says:

    Yummy!!! I’ve been eating the Rice Dream brand and love it. Great to know the TJ Brand is great tasting. Always nice to have choices and enjoy something refreshing like ice cream.

  • Caroline says:

    At my local grocery store they sell a coconut milk based ice cream. The company’s name is Luna and Lary’s Coonut Bliss. Their ice creams have no sugar, which is replaced by agave, is organic, and vegan! My favorite kinds are cherry and chocolate, but if you love coconut, then their vanilla and coconut flavored ice creams are your types.

  • Bunnylove says:

    I don’t think this applies to having a bowl of ice cream but I just really ,really love the soy ice cream sandwiches called Tofutti Cuties. They truly taste so so very delicious. I have a few of them every day.

  • Laura Frisk says:

    Hi Deedy,

    Honestly I don’t notice any bad soy aftertaste with the TJ Soy Creamy flavors I posted on my blog. These flavors are totally delish!! I have been vegan a long time, and don’t even remember what ice cream made from cow’s milk tastes like, but I bet it would have an awful aftertaste to me now. Your taste changes with your changing diet, and I feel the soy ice creams taste cleaner and fresher than ice cream made from cow’s milk. Have you tried Rice Dream or other rice-based frozen desserts? I think the best thing to do is keep trying the soy or rice frozen desserts, and it won’t be long before your taste buds adjust and you too will be loving them, and dropping the dairy completely from your diet. And won’t it feel great to be able to say you are “completely vegan” instead of “almost vegan!”

  • Julie Patton says:

    Turtle Mountain is making a line of coconut milk ice cream that is delicious! I especially like the chocolate.

  • Keitsha says:

    Soy Creamy’s Mint Chocolate Chip is terrific!!

  • Renee says:

    I just love Soy Delicious Chocolate/Peanut Butter and Cherry Nirvana. Heaven!
    The Soy Creamy sounds yummy too but I’ve never seen it here in New York.

  • Dee says:

    Butter Pecan, I think it’s from the Soy Delicious Brand. However, Black Cherry was my favorite flavor of ice cream and I dream of the day when I find a dairy free version!

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